Case Study No. 3

In today’s brisk marketplace, it is more common than not that brands are faced with the challenge of creating significant impact with available resources far less than are needed to battle against formidable competitors.  Insight Garden firmly believes that in these types of situations, the key to finding strategies that can maximize impact from thin resources begins with a deep understanding of the consumer.



Long-time Insight Garden agency partner PACO Ideation was tasked by client Tampico Beverages to determine whether or not a small infusion of media spending in an established, highly competitive marketplace could positively advance both sales and key brand attributes.  In what would be Tampico’s first domestic US media effort, they tasked PACO with creating an effort to create impact in Chicago with only a couple hundred thousand dollar investment to influence Hispanic moms across 6+ months.

Insight Garden’s role:

  • Quickly immerse into the mind and behaviors of Hispanic Moms to find legitimate media contact points that might provide opportunity in delivering the Tampico message
    • Insight Garden recommended zeroing in on the narrow window of after school pick-up time to create impact
  • Negotiate consistent placement of radio presence with key market stations to be an on-going foundation of communication over the 6 month effort
    • Established with the two leading female stations a 1-minute ‘Tampico Snack Minute’ at 2:50 every afternoon, Monday through Friday
    • Augmented the Snack Minute with directional outdoor proximate to key retail accounts, tactical drops of dual purpose newspaper inserts and radio remotes
  • Learn and modify as necessary over the duration of the campaign


Chicago results were outstanding.  Both sales and key brand attribute ratings saw double digit percentage increases by the conclusion of the test effort.  Tampico subsequently rolled the test paradigm into the Las Vegas market, where they had not previously established expansive presence.  The Las Vegas effort saw increases in sales and brand attributes of greater than 60%.