Services & Strategies

Our Approach

Insight Garden digs deeply for clients:

  • Applying our unique breadth of experience
  • Nurturing fresh perspective
  • Generating ideas that will grow marketplace impact

In order to most fully support marketing messages, media plans must be crafted to deliver the best possible impact for the resources available.  Delivering impact requires a disciplined approach that can deliver thoughtfully created messages to the right prospects during opportunistic mindsets that will be more conducive to receiving the message.  In that way, media will do its utmost to elevate a strong creative message and influence prospects positively.  Our process maximizes the ability of paid media efforts to do just that.


Insight Garden’s best practice for media planning is straightforward and flexible, able to accommodate virtually and client or brand need.

Our Offerings

We offer powerful intellectual capital to grow marketplace impact:

Media Competency

  • Target Consumer Behavior
    Identification, exploration, assessment
  • Planning Strategy
  • Message Context Strategy
  • Contact Plan Strategy
Marketing Competency

  • Integrated Communications Planning
  • Branding
    Philosophy, ideation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Growth
    Philosophy, ideation
Research Competency

  • Primary Qualitative
    Design, facilitation, assessment
  • Secondary Quantitative
    Procurement, analysis, augmentation
  • Tool Innovation
    Creation, repurposing

Insight Garden maintains active subscriptions to Experian Simmons, Scarborough Chicago and SRDS data to provide immediate access to the wealth of insights available through high quality secondary consumer research.

Our Intellectual Assets

We cultivate intellectual capital using two powerful assets: