Case Study No. 5

Occasionally, a partner may need thought leadership that goes beyond conventional media insight.  Depending on the need, Insight Garden is able to bring a wealth of experience to the table to help solve broader perspective marketing problems.  Over the years, Principal Strategist Mark Dominiak was privileged to participate not only on dozens of new business inquiries, but also as a key leader in the creation and expansion of FCB Chicago’s 2.0 unit, which brought the agency’s capabilities into the digital age at that time, entertaining the advertising needs for dozens of nascent internet brands.  Additionally, Mark was the lead member of FCB’s Growth Group, tasked internally with creating timely, relevant and impactful intellectual capital that could help energize current clients or attract new partners to the agency.

This breadth of experience gives Insight Garden the ability to be a key contributor for both agencies and clients should they be in need of broader than media perspective.


MixDesign, a frequent Insight Garden agency partner, retained a new client relationship with Monosol, the leader in the water soluble films industry.  At the time, Monosol had not yet determined a specific direction for brand positioning or identity.  MixDesign was asked to help guide them on their first steps into that future.

Insight Garden’s role:

  • IG brought its wealth of experience to the table along with key Friend of the Garden, Brian Lowry to both provide perspective on the process needed to determine brand identity and to cultivate initial identity directions the brand might take
  • Provide initial straw dog expressions of what the Monosol brand’s core positioning might be
  • Create holistic marketing plan options that would flow from insights gained in the positioning discernment process


Insight Garden’s diligence led to significant insights for Monosol in the areas of the true nature of their offering, what the real breadth of their competitive playing field really was and what ultimately made their key customers tick.  The intersection of resulting insights led to a positioning flowing from the notion of inspiration, which is still an important part of Monosol’s identity today.